In mint condition FUJICA Panorama G617 Professional camera with very low Shutter Count of 60, FUJI CENTER ND-2X filter included.
The lens is FUJINON. SW 1:8 / 105mm on LB 14 Shutter, Shutter Speeds: B, 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60, 125, 250 & 500, 
Aperture 45, 32, 22, 16, 11 & 8, Filter Size 77mm.
The camera is fully functional with no issues, the lens has super clean glass no marks no scratches always protected with a filter, with no fungus no haze inside, the Camera is ready to use, the shutter is accurate and the timing is perfect.
Film advance is smooth, viewfinder is super clear and bright.
This camera comes in the original case with, FUJI CENTER ND-2X filter, Roll of FUJI  ACROSS 100II + Kodak Gold 200 and a cable release.
- The lens Gard bar in front of the lens is removed, no effect in the performance.
- The locks on the case don't lock properly.
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FUJICA Panorama G617 Professional camera Mint Shutter Count 60 + Fuji Center ND