In mint condition extra clean with little sign of use, hard to find in this condition.

Linhof 4X5 TECHNIKA IV SUPER large format camera, fully functional, all the movements are smooth and works properly including the Range finder, Bellow is intact no wrinkles no pinholes.

Back rotates easily with no issues. 

Leather on the body is beautiful and intact, just minor sign of use on the bottom tripod base.

Camera has never been dropped or had impact, all aligned as good as new.

Hammered Finish Paint is so fresh and clean, no scratch no stains. 

- The only imperfection: Eyepiece Diopter Adjustment on the top is missing.

This package includes:

- Linhof TECHNIKA IV SUPER body.

- Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm / 5.6 MC (Multi Coated) COPAL 1, fully functional with clean optics in and out, on the original lens board.

- Extra COPAL 1 original Linhof lens board.

- 5X Ritway Double cut film holders.


Mint 4X5 Linhof TECHNIKA IV SUPER + RODENSTOCK 210, lens board ,5 Film Holders

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