In mint condition, a rare find Argus stereo camera that uses two mirrors called a beam splitter to create stereo exposure pairs that can be printed after conventional development and viewed with a lorgnette (special pair of lenses or viewer).  The Argus 3D Stereo camera uses ordinary 35mm film. The camera requires no special processing or printing. Simply have your film processed to print as usual. The prints will automatically show two perspective views of your picture, which allows you to enjoy viewing full stereo depth using a 3D viewer. You will be able, through the viewer, to see your pictures with a realism no ordinary camera can give you. 3-D pictures require a wide sharpness range so that near and distant objects are shown with equal sharpness. Your camera's 28mm lens is set so that pictures can be taken from as close as 80 cm (2.5 feet) to infinity. The camera has no device for manual focusing adjustment. To activate the flash you have to push the Flash selector switch to the left and the flash will spring open. When using the flash the best results are obtained if your subject is between 1.5m (5 feet) and 2.5m (8 feet) from the camera with 200 ISO film. 400 ISO speed film increases that range to 3.0m (9 feet). To close the flash reflector you simply push the reflector hood down with your hand until it locks. To conserve the batteries always switch off the flash by closing the reflector hood when not needed. The camera has a flash-ready LED next to the viewfinder viewport and the flash is powered by two AA batteries.

The images are from the actual item, the package includes a strap, pair of AA batteries, and a fresh roll of Fuji Film Superia 400 36 exp. color film.

Mint Rare find Vintage Argus 3D Stereo View 35mm Film Camera Point and Shoot