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Pentax ME Super is a 35mm SLR film camera. It is unusually compact, lightweight, and solid, The ME Super is a great little camera with aperture-preferred automation as well as manual exposure. The ME Super has a classic look because it is.

The camera is fully functional:
- Speeds are on target on Manual / Aperture preferred mode, with a shutter speed of 1/2000.
- The light meter is responsive/accurate.
- The viewfinder is clean with a clear view with a few tiny particles which has no effect on the images.
- The self-timer and frame counter is working fine.
- Light seals are new.
- The lens is SMC PENTAX-M 50mm f 1.7 which also has super clean glass marks no scratches no haze no fungus inside.

The camera is very clean with little signs of use.

- Strap
- Case
- Front cap
- Protection filter
- An extra pair of batteries
- 1 Fresh roll of FujiFilm
400/36 exp. color film.

Pentax ME Super is a 35mm SLR film camera

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