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In mint condition Nikon F3 Film Camera Body with HP view-finder and K Focusing Screen, Late Serial Number: 1742589.
Camera is in mint condition, it is fully functional with Intact / firm light seals, speeds are on target, the meter is responding well, the self-timer and frame counter are functional, view-finder and lens both have clean viewing with no haze, dust, or fungus.
The camera is simply nice and clean with little signs of use on the base plate.
This package includes:
- Nikon F3 body + K Focusing screen with body cap.
- HP finder
- NIKKOR 50mm 1.4 Ai (0.45 minimum focusing distance) prime lens with caps and soft hood.
- MD-4 Motor Drive in box 
- Nikon strap
- Nikon SPEEDLIGHT SB-17 Flash 
- Nikon AR3 Cable release 
- Nikon Filters: L37, NDX4 and YELLOW in the boxes.
- Rolls of fresh Kodak PORTRA 800 / 36 Exp & ILFORD HP5 400 Black & White film.
All the items shown are included.
Photos are from the actual items.

Pristine Nikon F3 HP Camera K Focusing Screen, Nikkor 50mm 1.4 Prime, MD-4, More

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