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Rare Black Pentax ES ii SLR film camera with case + 55mm f: 2.0 Super Takumar lens + new light seals, the camera is fully functional, speeds are on target, It has Working Meter with accurate reading, has a clean viewfinder and ground glass with a clear view (WITH ONLY A COUPLE OF TINY PARTICLES WHICH HAS NO EFFECT ON IMAGES). The lens also has clean glass no marks no scratch on the lens, no haze no fungus inside.
The body of the camera shows gentle brassing on the usual corners.
This package includes:
- Strap.
- Front cap and Skylight filter.
- 1 Roll of ACROS 100 II / 36 exposures Black & White film.
- new batteries inside the camera

Rare Black Pentax ES ii slr film camera with case + 55mm f: 2.0 lens