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 Yashica FR Film camera with 50mm 1.9 lens + new light seals, the camera is fully functional speeds are on target, it has Working Meter with accurate reading, has a clean viewfinder, and ground glass with a clear view. The lens also has clean glass with no marks no scratch on the lens, no haze no fungus inside.
- Frame counter doesn't show the frame count, we've put a film and went all the way to the end and it did not show the frame count, But it has no effect on the performance or result, this is very common with YASHICA FR series cameras.
The camera comes with a lens and front cap, a new battery inside the camera, a strap, and a fresh roll of Kodak 100 Tmax 24 Black & White exposures film.

Yashica FR SLR Film camera with 50mm 1:1.9 lens + New light seals